Aimo Park's Guide to Parking

Do you want to know more about parking? Aimo Park’s guide to parking helps you to follow the rules on our parking facilities.

Paying with Mobile

Do you want to pay for your parking with your mobile phone? We have different solutions which are easy and secure.

Pay and Display Machines

What is a Pay and Display machine and how does it work? Pay and Display machines are used at every parking facility where you must pay for your parking.

Barrier Systems

How does parking with barrier system work? A barrier system controls the entry and exits on a parking facility.

Aimo Park Access

Do you want to park fast and smooth? Sign up for Aimo Park Access.

Safe parking

How do you park to best protect your car? We have listed a few things worth considering.

Disc Parking

Do you want to know how to use a parking disc? Where parking discs are used, parking is free, as long as you adhere to the rules and regulations.

Parking with Caravan and MC

What should you keep in mind when parking with a trailer or caravan? Find your answers here!

Street parking

Which rules and regulations adhere to street parking? These are the Aimo Park standards.