Parking in a barrier system car park

You can pay by card at all our barrier system car parks and certain barrier car parks also give you the option to pay in cash. You pay for the time you spend parked.

Paying by card when parking in a barrier system car park  

When you enter:

  • Insert your payment card at the entrance barrier. This will register your entrance time and open the barrier. 

When you exit:

  • Simply drive directly to the exit and use your card to pay at the exit barrier. Enter the same card that you used when you drove in. The amount due will be displayed on the screen.  
  • Press the large flashing button for a receipt. You will be charged for the time you have been parked.

Note that if you park at a cark park that charges per 20 and 30 minute intervals, you will be charged for every interval that has begun.

Paying in cash at barrier system car parks

You have the option to pay in cash at a small number of Aimo Park’s barrier system car parks.

When you enter:

  • Press the big flashing button at the entrance barrier to get a ticket. The barrier will open. Park your car and bring the ticket with you when you leave the garage. You need it to get back into the garage.

When you exit:

  • When you are ready to leave the car park, head for the parking meter.
  • Insert your ticket into the parking meter. The amount due will be displayed on the screen.
  • Use notes and/or coins to pay. There will be a sign on the parking meter that indicates which types of coins and notes are accepted.
  • Your ticket will be returned to you once the full amount has been paid. Keep hold of the ticket as you will need it when you leave.
  • Drive up to the exit barrier and insert your ticket to raise the barrier.

This is how you enter the facility as a pedestrian

Many of our barrier systems are located in garages that are locked to increase security. By following the instructions at the entrance door, you who have parked in the facility can enter as a pedestrian.

Aimo Park Access — for easier parking

With Aimo Park Access, you drive in and out of parking facilities without stopping for a ticket by the entrance and exit. In parking facilities with barrier systems, these are opened automatically when vehicles connected to the service's license plates are scanned by the cameras.