Parking with caravan, trailer and Motorcycle

What should you keep in mind when parking with a trailer or caravan? And what rules apply when parking with a motorcycle? Here we try to answer the most common questions on the subject. 

Parking rules for trailers or caravans 

Trailers or caravans connected to cars do not need a separate parking ticket. Your ticket must be clearly displayed in the front windscreen of your car. It is, however, necessary to buy a parking ticket for trailers that are not connected to cars and parked in a car park space. In such cases, the ticket should be placed somewhere on the trailer or on its licence plate. It is your responsibility to make sure the ticket is placed in a visible location.

When parking across two spaces

Remember that all tyres must be within the white lines. No part of the vehicle may protrude to such an extent that it prevents the accessibility of other vehicles. 

Please note that:

• For caravans, the ticket needs to be placed inside the caravan window.
• Some car parks do not allow trailers or caravans. There will be signs telling you if this is the case.
• Vehicles with trailers or caravans attached cannot park in garages with barrier systems. The barrier only lets in one vehicle at a time. Vehicles with trailers or caravans attached are often of such a size that they take up two parking spaces.

Parking rules for motorcycle

If several motorcycles are sharing the same space, it is necessary for all motorcycles to have their own ticket. Make sure that the ticket is placed in a visible location on your motorcycle or trailor. 

How to avoid losing your ticket

1. Why not try our app when parking with motorcykle or trailor. That way your parking will be registered digitally and you won’t have to worry about your ticket disappearing. 

2. If you don´t want to park digitally there are special ticket holders available for purchase on the market that you can use for displaying tickets on trailers, motorcycles, etc.

3. As an extra precaution, you can also write your registration number on your ticket before placing it on the motorcycle in order to prevent others from being able to take it and use it. 

Picture of a motorcykle