Aimo Park Access

With Aimo Park Access, you drive in and out of parking facilities without stopping for a ticket by the entrance and exit. In several of our facilities there are license plate recognition cameras, which means more freedom and makes parking smoother. Using Aimo Park Access is a service free to use.

We offer Aimo Park Access in the following facilities:

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How does it work?

When you register your debit card to an account, you will be automatically charged when you leave the facility and you will no longer have to look for a pay and display machine. In parking facilities with barrier systems, these are opened automatically when vehicles connected to the service's license plates are scanned by the cameras. Receipts are sent directly via email - comfortable and environmentally friendly. It is also possible to register several vehicles on one account.

Information for already registered customers

  • If you want to change your information that you have registered within Aimo Park Access for automatic license plate recognition.
  • If you already have a SwappAccess account and want to connect it to Aimo Park, you need to add us as a contract partner under "Lägg till avtal" where you fill in your card details.
  • Read more about how we handle your personal data here.

Contact our Customer Service

Do you want to change any information or unregister from the service? Contact Aimo Park's Customer Service at 0771- 96 90 00 or

Frequently asked questions about Aimo Park Access