About Control Fees (Parking Fines)

Parking rules and regulations contributes to a safer traffic environment and prevents congestion for parking customers and visitors. You can be liable to pay a control fee if you do not adhere to applicable parking rules and regulations. Kindly ensure to check the rules and regulations thoroughly.

Why did you get a Control Fee?

You can be liable to pay a control fee if the parking fee is not paid, or should any other parking regulation be broken. It is the landlord, who according to Lag (1984:318) om kontrollavgift vid olovlig parkering, who issues the control fee. The landlord can give Aimo Park the authority to survey an area and issue control fees. The control fee is attached to the windscreen of the vehicle or given to the driver.

Do you have questions regarding Control Fees?

Call our Appeal Unit: 0771-96 90 02.

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