Parking with an electric car

Do you have an electric car and need to find parking with a charger? With our season ticket "Laddplats", you have free access to parking with chargers at the facility of your choice. 

We want to make it as easy as possible to find parking with a charging point. That's why we offer charging stations in partnership with Mer Connect Sverige. If you want to find out more about our partnership with Mer Connect Sverige, you can find more information further down the page. 

Our parking types

With the season ticket "laddplats", you can choose between a reserved (rented) and unreserved parking space.

Reserved parking space: Means that you have a permanent parking space that only you are permitted to park in.

Unreserved parking space: Means that you have a physical or digital permit to park in any parking space that is available each time you park.

Please note that season tickets and parking types may vary. Every parking facility has specific season tickets and parking types that are unique to the address. This means that the types of parking spaces available to choose from may vary between different parking facilities.

Do you want to rent a parking space with a charger?

Find the facility you are interested in using Find Parking and send us a booking request. You can also contact our customer service by phoning 0771-96 90 06 or using our Rent parking form.

Welcome with your booking request!

Charging stations in partnership with Mer Connect Sverige

In addition to our own charging stations, we also offer charging stations in several parking facilities in partnership with Mer Connect Sverige. Together, we offer both parking spaces with charging stations to rent and paid parking if you need to charge for a short period.

How it works

A season ticket fee is charged for the actual parking space, after which you pay per kWh for charging. In order to charge at your rented location where we have charging stations from Mer Connect Sverige, you will need a charging badge from them.

Download the app or order a charging badge from Mer

If you rent a parking space with one of Mer's charging stations, you'll need a charging badge. However, if you park at one of the public charging stations, you can either use a charging badge or the Mer Connect Sverige app. 

Mer Connect Sverige
Through our partnership with Mer, our charging stations are connected to their Swedish charging network. You can therefore find both Mer and Aimo charging stations in the “Mer Connect Sverige” app, which can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. 

Order a charging badge
You can order a charging badge here. (Swedish)

Frequently asked questions about electric car charging from Mer