Interview with Ingela Bergström, Region Dalarna

Ingela Bergström is a first-line manager at Regionservice in Region Dalarna and has been a customer of ours here at Aimo Park for many years. Among other things, she is responsible for monitoring and parking at the region’s general hospitals. She is also the operational heliport manager for the region’s heliports. She has held various roles at Region Dalarna over the last 17 years and has a background as a store manager with the supermarket chain Coop.

Photo of Ingela Bergström Region Dalarna

How important is parking to Region Dalarna?

— It is very important that everything works and we have parking spaces available to be used by our patients, visitors and staff. Of course, it’s a challenge to make sure that our parking spaces can meet demand.

The level of presence and accessibility is, in my view, a huge advantage of our partnership.

An opinion we often hear is that hospital parking should be free of charge. But free parking would risk causing huge congestion and accessibility issues that might affect our deliveries and ambulance services, for example.

— If we were to offer free parking, then we would risk not having any spaces available when they are needed. That is why the structure we have is very important at our hospitals, says Ingela.

Long-term cooperation

The partnership with Aimo Park has now run for several years, after their parking operations were previously managed in-house.

— It’s a job that takes up an enormous amount of time and resources. Now that we have outsourced our parking operations, we can focus on our core business. And dialogue between the region and Aimo Park is good. There is no problem that can’t be solved. I have direct contact with the parking attendants which do a great job. That level of presence and accessibility is, in my view, a huge advantage of our partnership.

Regionservice in numbers

  • 2316
    parking spaces for personnel
  • 991
    parking spaces för visitors
  • 40
    parking spaces for disabled
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