Our digital booking systems

Would you like to offer your customers free parking or simply make it easier for your customers to park? Then use one of our digital booking systems available in two different versions.

Our digital visitor products streamline the arrival process and reduce queues at the paypoint/reception. Plus it eliminates the need for customers to go back to their vehicle with a ticket to display. Our digital booking systems are available either as a visitor kiosk or as a visitor portal. 

1. Visitor kiosk 

If you want to offer your customers parking that they can manage themselves, then our visitor kiosk is a great solution. We set up a station that is tailored to your needs, whether you want it free-standing on the ground, on a table or counter or mounted on the wall. Of course, the visitor kiosk (tablet) does not have to be mounted and you can get it as is. Parking times are determined in advance based on need. This is usually a 24-hour period, an entire weekend or a determined number of hours. 

Three advantages of a visitor kiosk:

  • Customers park their car and enter their vehicle registration number themselves at a visitor kiosk. 
  • Reduces arrival queues by speeding up the parking registration process.
  • A combined invoice can be sent out afterwards for all registered purchases. 


2. Visitor portal  

If you want your customers to receive assistance from your reception desk, then a visitor portal is a great solution. Staff register the vehicle in your system and then send a combined invoice for all registered purchases. 

Three advantages of a visitor portal:

  • All parking is registered by your own staff. 
  • Parking charges can be added to the customer’s hotel bill in the case of hotel parking, for example. 
  • A combined invoice can be sent out later for all registered purchases.

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