Electric car charging with Aimo Charge

Are you a landlord and want to be able to offer charging points for electric cars in your car park? We can help you with everything from installation to operation, maintenance, and billing. We offer charging stations for both normal charging and fast charging.

We offer:

  • Billing of charged kWh through the Aimo App – the same app you use for parking.
  • Customer support by phone.
  • Hardware (charging boxes and charging posts).
  • Design and installation.
  • Operation and maintenance.

Aimo Charge normal charging

We offer a full-scale service for electric car charging which includes the following service:

  • App for charging kWh.
  • Customer support around the clock.
  • Installation of charging boxes.
  • Operation and monitoring of the system and chargers.
  • Restarting charger.
  • Charger update.
  • Remote troubleshooting and diagnosis.
  • Fault finding and action on site.
  • Regular and preventive maintenance of charging boxes.

It is also possible to connect already installed charging boxes that you own.

Aimo Charge fast charging

  • Fast charger with power between 50 and 300 kW.
  • Payment per kWh.
  • Smooth payment in a card terminal or app.
  • Aimo handles all customer service, project management, installation, etc.

Does it sound interesting? Contact us and we will tell you more.
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