E-invoice, PDF-invoice and direct debit at Aimo Park

We offer several free electronic payment methods for customers who have a parking subscription with us.

Through our e-services, you get a simpler and much more secure payment routine that also contributes to:

  • reduced environmental impact
  • more efficient invoice and payment management
  • time savings and reduced costs
  • minimized risk of handling errors
  • increased control and security
  • no billing fee
  • fast invoice delivery

NOTE! E-invoicing is only available to our subscription customers and does not apply to invoicing regarding parking fees paid with our SMS service.


Pay by e-invoice when you do not want a paper invoice sent home by mail. Register that you want an e-invoice in the form at your internet bank. Aimo Park is listed as one of the companies that provide e-invoicing.

When you have an e-invoice, the following applies:

  • The e-invoice is an electronic copy of the paper invoice and is sent directly to your internet bank.
  • If you change bank, you are responsible for unsubscribing from the e-invoice at your old bank and signing up for the e-invoice again at your new bank.
  • Any payment reminders will be sent in paper format to the invoice recipient.

If you want to return to traditional paper invoices, unsubscribe from the e-invoice at your internet bank. 


PDF-invoice is an option for you who do not want a paper invoice. You order a PDF-invoice by contacting our customer service.

Direct debit

Direct debit is an easy and secure way to pay your invoices. Your payment is automatically transferred from your account on the due date. The only thing you need to do is make sure that there is money in your account no later than the weekday before the due date.

If you are a subscription customer at Aimo Park and have a bank account, you can join the service. Sign up by submitting an electronic consent via your internet bank. No signature is required when you identify yourself by using the bank's login system.

It is possible to combine direct debit and e-invoice or PDF-invoice. This means that you receive an e-invoice to your internet bank or PDF-invoice to your e-mail address, but payment is made automatically on the due date according to the direct debit specification. 

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