Appeal a Control Fee

Parking rules and regulations contributes to a safer traffic environment and prevents congestion for parking customers and visitors.

Valid grounds for an appeal

  • Ticket wrong way round The ticket was the wrong way round but the ticket number was still visible to the parking attendant at the time it was checked. You must keep the ticket and be able to show it afterwards.
  • Critical illness You or a close relative of yours was critically ill. You must provide proof of this in the form of a medical certificate.
  • Stolen vehicle Your vehicle was reported stolen at the time of the infringement. You must have submitted a police report and be able to show a copy of it.
  • Critical fault There was a critical fault with the vehicle and you can show that you have taken immediate action to have it repaired.
  • Formal error There was an error with the signage at the location or there is a mistake on the control fee you have received.
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