Parking permits

Do you want to find out about the different types of parking permits you can choose from in the facilities you are interested in? This guide takes you through the most common parking permits and who to contact to find out more.

Parking permits for people with disabilities

Do you have a disability and need a special disabled parking permit? If so, you should apply for a permit in the municipality where you are registered. The municipality assesses the need and decides whether or not to grant the permit. 

Once granted a permit, you are then able park in any bay with a disabled parking sign within our facilities. Please note that if there is a sign indicating a parking fee under the disabled sign, you must also pay the parking fee.
If all designated disable parking bays are full and you choose to park your vehicle in another parking bay, you must follow the rules for that bay. For more information on permits for people with disabilities, please visit the Swedish Transport Agency's website.

Parking permits for private individuals

Would you like to register for a parking permit that you pay for on an ongoing basis? We offer a wide range of parking subscriptions in the facilities we manage. Find out more about our different parking subscriptions here. 

Parking permits for partners

Are you our next partner and want to find out more about our different parking permits? Here is a PDF of all the information you need about all our different parking permits that you can download and read at your leisure. 

Download and read more about parking permits for Stockholm (PDF)

Download and read more about parking permits for the rest of Sweden (PDF)

Download and read about temporary parking permits (PDF)

Order a parking permit

If you already know which parking permit you want, you can order directly using one of our forms. 

Parking permits we do not accept

In the parking facilities managed by Aimo Park, the various municipal parking permits do not usually apply. Examples of municipal permits include environmental permits, utility permits and the Stockholm Card (tourist card). 

Permits for people with disabilities are exempt from this rule. These also apply to Aimo Park parking facilities and will be indicated with signs.