How can we contribute to a more sustainable world?

We belive that everyone can do something to reduce their impact on the environment and together we can achieve great things. That's why we're always working to develop new services and digital mobility solutions to make life easier and more sustainable for everyone – now and in the future.

Electric cars, charging stations and green electricity

The development of electric cars and the possibility to charge them around the country is an important step towards a more sustainable society. The electricity you use to charge your car is another important issue. Here are some of the projects we're working on to contribute to a more sustainable future.

  • More electric cars in our business
    More electric cars in addition to the electric and hybrid cars in our business already.
  • More charging stations at our facilities
    To promote an increase in low-carbon driving, we are working to introduce more charging stations at our facilities.
  • Green electricity from hydropower
    As part of our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, we have also chosen to use green electricity from hydropower. Green electricity is electricity produced from renewable energy sources – in other words, completely CO2 free.

Our vision for the future of parking

By offering good parking in attractive locations, we hope to help reduce unnecessary traffic driving around looking for free parking spaces. But that alone is not enough. In the future, we see our parking facilities as mobility hubs where you can have parcels as well as bags of groceries delivered to your car while you're at work. You can also charge your car while it's parked at one of our parking facilities or borrow an electric car or scooter from us if you need to. In the future, no one will need to own a car to move easily from point A to point B. Car sharing will become increasingly common.  

Aimo Park Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is our team of innovators and inventors. Their job is to come up with new ideas, carry out tests and look towards the future. The Innovation Lab works creatively to develop Aimo Park and is constantly looking for new opportunities for improvement and innovation. The Innovation Lab’s goal is to be the best and most innovative on the market and therefore it concentrates largely on digital solutions, but also on other exciting projects with the aim of achieving more sustainable parking.