Stena Fastighetsägare expands with a car pool

We are pleased to present the car sharing service Aimo Share at Stena Fastigheter's Ekebäckshöjd area in Gothenburg.

The goal is to jointly contribute to a greener future by offering sustainable solutions for transport. Car sharing, and especially with electric cars, is an environmentally friendly solution that contributes to reducing the number of cars on the roads and thus also the emissions of carbon dioxide. By sharing cars, we can also free up more space in cities and reduce the need for parking lots.By using a car pool, you only pay for the time you use the car and thus save money compared to owning your own car.

We therefore extend a big thank you to Stena Fastigheter for the trust in expanding your sustainable mobility offer with a new Aimo Share car pool.

Going forward, we hope to be able to offer more carpools to more property owners, which provide environmentally friendly added value for the property owners' tenants and staff.