Norway first with Aimo HUB

We have now opened Aimo Park's first mobility hub, which brings together several different transport options and services for a simpler and more sustainable everyday life.

As a parking company, we are fully aware that we are part of a larger mobility chain. Nobody parks just to park! We know that both end users and property owners are looking for smart and innovative mobility solutions.

Aimo Hub in Norway offers the following mobility services:

  • Tesla charging stations
  • Aimo Park Easy - Ticket-free parking
  • Bikely - Secure parking system for bicycles
  • Oslo city bike - With around 3,000 bikes and 250 stations
  • Car sharing service - Rent a car easily with the app
  • Shipping services such as PostNord and Instabox
  • Car wash
  • Collective means of transport such as bus, subway and airbus

    Aimo hub iconer.jpg