New pilot program links parking facilities with hotel accommodations

Since March 2023, the Aimo Partner Integration Team has been working to find new mobility solutions that make people's everyday lives easier. Just before Christmas, their first initiative was launched together with the integration partner Speeron, where hotel guests can pre-book a parking space for their car in connection with their hotel stay. Starting initially at the Best Western and hotel in Stockholm.

Picture of Adrian Bratteby, Anders Lindén and Sven Hellsten from the Aimo Partner Integration Team.

Driving in a new city can easily cause a certain amount of stress. Especially when the hotel you've booked into lacks parking options. This was something that the Aimo Partner Integration Team started looking into together with Speeron in the middle of last year.

– There are many hotels that cannot offer advance booking of parking spaces to their guests, explains Anders Lindén, product manager in the Aimo Partner Integration Team. Here we saw an opportunity to be able to offer them a connection with one of our nearby garages.

Secure your parking space in advance – pay for it directly on your hotel bill

Speeron is actively developing various digital solutions to enhance the smoothness and efficiency of the hotel guest experience. These solutions include a digital check-in process and a guest portal that seamlessly integrates with the hotel's booking system.

With the assistance of the API developed by the Aimo Partner Integration Team, Speeron has successfully integrated Aimo Park's parking services into their system. This integration allows hotel guests to add parking to their reservation at Aimo Park's garage before their arrival, and then settle the payment for both the room and parking directly with the hotel.

The initial testing of this new pilot program took place at the Best Western hotel in Stockholm.

– Ensuring a seamless experience for our guests is one of our top priorities, explains Josefine Fahlén, Front Office Manager at Best Western and Hotel. Having the capability to offer our guests the option to pre-book parking in conjunction with their stay with us is incredibly satisfying and allows us to optimize their visit.

Extend the collaboration to more customers

The pilot program with Best Western and Hotel is scheduled to run until the end of February. Following its completion, both Speeron and the Aimo Partner Integration Team are eager to extend the API solution to a broader customer base.

– We are always looking for new opportunities to offer our customers tools that improve the guest experience and increase revenue opportunities, says Andrej de Godzinsky, CTO Speeron AB. The collaboration with Aimo is a perfect example of this and we look forward to being able to offer this solution to more leading hotels in the region.

- Anders adds, "Our primary focus is on expanding our partnership with Speeron. Subsequently, it would be highly rewarding if other hotels and property owners across diverse segments, such as arenas, events, smart office solutions, and visitor systems, also express interest in this solution."

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Picture of Adrian Bratteby, Anders Lindén and Sven Hellsten from the Aimo Partner Integration Team.

Aimo Partner Integration Team

The objective of the Aimo Partner Integration Team is to integrate Aimo's offerings with broader mobility ecosystems through APIs. Their mission is to provide vehicle-based customers across various segments with a seamless and smooth experience.