Season Tickets


  • Park all days of the week
The Aimo Park unlimited season ticket 7x24 gives you free access to the designated parking facility: Monday to Sunday, entry and exit without restrictions.

Why park with 7x24?

7x24 grants you:

  • Parking around the clock, all days of the week
  • Excellent value for money


Parking with 7x24  

In parking facilities with barrier system

As a season ticket holder, you access and exit the parking facility by using your keycard, which gives you access to vehicle as well as pedestrian entrances.  

  1. At the entrance, hold the keycard in proximity to the access reader. Do not insert the card.

  2. When the barrier opens, enter the parking facility.

  3. When exiting the parking facility, follow the same procedure.


In other parking facilities     

Upon each rental period, you will receive a parking permit with your invoice.
This permit:

  • Confirms that you are entitled to park during the designated hours of the season ticket.

  • Is to be placed in clear view in the front window of the car.

  • Is a requirement for our parking attendant’s assurance that your car is permitted to park.  


Should the permit not be in clear view, a control fee might unnecessary be admitted.   


In the near future, Aimo Park will offer digital permits. When available, the hard copy permit will not need to be placed in the front window. The parking permission will be registered in the parking assistant’s personal digital assistant (PDA).



  • The season ticket is invoiced in advanced, monthly or quarterly

  • Should you park outside of the given times, an additional fee will be post paid


Do you want a season ticket?

Please contact Aimo Park Customer Service via the request for a season ticket form. The season ticket 7x24 can also be acquired via Customer Service at 0771-96 90 00 or fill in the form Sign up for Season Ticket. Kindly note that season tickets for long term parking is not available for all of our parking facilities.

Find your parking.

We are delighted for helping you with your season ticket!