7x24 — park Monday to Sunday

Our unlimited season ticket 7x24 is designed for people who want to think about parking as little as possible. Maybe that's why it's one of our most popular products.

With 7x24, you can park 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the parking facility of your choice when you sign up. You can choose between a reserved (rented) or unreserved parking space.

Our parking types

Reserved parking space: Means that you have a permanent parking space that only you are permitted to park in.

Unreserved parking space: Means that you have a physical or digital permit to park in any parking space that is available each time you park.

Please note that season tickets and parking types may vary. Every parking facility has specific season tickets and parking types that are unique to the address. This means that the types of parking spaces available to choose from may vary between different parking facilities.

Do you want to rent a parking space?

Find the parking facility you are interested in using Find parking and order a parking subscription online. You can also contact our customer service by using our Rent parking form.

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