• Number of parking spots: 219
  • Drive through height: 2,15 m

Opening hours

  • Mon–Fri:
    IN  06–21
    OUT  00–24
  • Sat–Sun:
    IN  08–21
    OUT  00–24

Rosenlundsgatan, garage

Here you can find all the details about our car park Rosenlundsgatan in Stockholm. Welcome to Aimo Park!

  • Open until 21:00

Rosenlundsgatan 50-54 View in maps

About the facility

Icon of car with two people

This facility has Hyre

Here you can rent a car with the car sharing service Hyre. You can rent a car by the hour or for several days.

In this garage we have installed Instabox

Shop for lunch and get your delivery to Instabox in the afternoon the same day. Instabox is a free express shipping which is included as a delivery option at checkout at selected retailers.

Prices and products

Rosenlundsgatan 50-54, garage
  • 7x24 Parkering dygnet runt 3310 SEK/month
  • 7x24 Reserverad MC plats 350 SEK/month


  • CCTV
  • Electric charging point
  • Elevator
  • Service car


  • OKQ8
  • Volvo
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Preem
  • Shell
  • St1
  • MobilPark
  • Circle K
  • Aimo app