• Number of parking spots: 280
  • Drive through height: 2 m

Opening hours for short term parking

  • Mon–Sun:
    IN  Closed
    OUT  Closed

Heliosgatan 36, garage

Here you can find all the details about Heliosgatan 36, garage n in Stockholm. Welcome to Aimo Park!

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About the facility

This facility is only open to long-term customers with access cards 24 hours a day.

Prices and products

Heliosgatan 36, garage
  • 7x24 Parkering dygnet runt 1938 SEK/month
  • 7x24 Parkering dygnet runt - Extern 1938 SEK/month
  • 7x24 Reserverad MC plats 1000 SEK/month
  • 7x24 Reserverad plats 2250 SEK/month
  • 7x24 Reserverad plats - Extern 2250 SEK/month


  • Motorcycle parking
  • Service car