• Number of parking spots: 485
  • Drive through height: 2,1 m

Opening hours for short term parking

  • Mon–Sun:
    IN  Closed
    OUT  Closed

Margaretha Krooks gata / Jarl Kulles gata

Margaretha Krooks gata 2 View in maps

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Prices and products

Jarl Kulles gata 1-3, uteparkering
  • 7x24 Reserverad plats 500 SEK/month
Margaretha Krooks gata 2, garage
  • 7x24 Reserverad lådcykelplats 160 SEK/month
  • 7x24 Reserverad MC plats 400 SEK/month
  • 7x24 Reserverad plats 1000 SEK/month
  • 7x24 Reserverad plats - Elhybrid 1200 SEK/month
  • 7x24 Reserverad smal plats 800 SEK/month