• Number of parking spots: 474

Opening hours

  • Mon–Sun:
    IN  00–24
    OUT  00–24

Farsta Centrum, Storö garage

Here you can find all the details about our car park Farsta Centrum, Storö garage in Farsta. Welcome to Aimo Park!

  • Open 24/7

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About the facility

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Aimo Park Easy

Aimo Park Easy is our simple and flexible parking system with automatic registration at the entrance and exit. Pay online or choose one of our other payment methods. 

Pay online or register here!

Prices and products

Farsta Centrum, Storö garage, nedre plan
  • 7x24 Reserverad MC plats 1030 SEK/month
  • 7x24 Reserverad plats 1609 SEK/month
Farsta Centrum, Storö garage, övre plan
  • 7x24 Parkering dygnet runt 1288 SEK/month
  • 7x24 Reserverad plats 1609 SEK/month