Brf Tott House, garage

Here you can find all the details about our car park Brf Tott House, garage in Åre. Welcome to Aimo Park!

Tottvägen 113 View in maps

This facility is only available for short term parking.


  • Number of parking spots: 30
  • Drive through height: 3,5 m
  • Indoors: Yes
  • Heated: No

Opening hours for short term parking

  • Mon–Sun:
    IN  00–24
    OUT  00–24

About the facility

This parking garage is a locked facility. Only customers with a valid pre-booking will have access.

Book parking 

Pre-book your parking at Brf Tott House, garage here. 

The "Days" products have a fixed start and end time.

Your parking starts at 11.00AM on the first day and ends at 11.00AM on the last day.