Beneficial Partnership

Aimo Park’s mission is to create parking facilities of top quality. We invest in parking facilities – with modern technology and design, as well as an attractive parking environment. 


Aimo Park’s business model is to create parking facilities of top quality. We achieve this by investing in the parking facilities – by implementing modern parking technology as well as designing the parking environment. We adapt the parking facility so that it meets the needs of the parking customers and landlords.The customer satisfaction survey, which Aimo Park regularly conducts, confirms this successful business model.

The surveys clearly prove that the customers appreciate what makes Aimo Park unique:

  • Clean and attractive parking facilities
  • Reliable maintenance and convenient parking technology
  • Enhanced security by installing barriers and security cameras 
  • Background music and sufficient lightning 

Aimo Park constantly invests in new technology to improve the parking experience. We improve and develop at the same speed that our customer’s demand changes. We have satisfied customers – and satisfied customers park with us again. We ensure long-lived revenue for our landlords as well as for us. Read more about Quality According to Aimo Park.