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About High Chaparral  

High Chaparral is a theme park in Småland that is completely unlike any other. It’s a place where the whole family can experience the real Wild West just as it once was in 19th century America. Families can meet all of the different characters that lived in the Wild West: cowboys, bandits, sheriffs, Mexicans, native Americans and High Chaparral’s very own heroes, Lucky Luke and Zorro.
About our partnership with Aimo Park"We decided quite late – just a few months before opening the park – to prepare the ground and get our parking facilities in order. Aimo Park was a great support in the project and it was very easy to have a dialogue, brainstorm ideas and get answers to questions about things like times, prices, residential parking and more. Despite the time pressure, they prepared all of the parking spaces, established parking meters, put up signs and organised parking permits for the staff, etc. In the end, and we were ready in good time before the opening. Thanks to our partnership with Aimo Park, we now have space for more cars in our parking and everything is in good order. Good dialogue, great sounding board and easy to cooperate with, for those reasons we would truly recommend Aimo Park as a partner."

About Akademiska Hus

We are one of the largest property companies in the country, focusing on universities and colleges, we build and manage sustainable learning environments for all. Our long experience and focus on trends in the academic world enables us to build innovatively and for the long-term. So we contribute to a smarter Sweden. You can find more examples of how we work at
About our partnership with Aimo Park 
"When we develop attractive Campus environments, we always work closely with our clients and suppliers in order to meet the specific needs and requirements of each individual institution. Aimo Park AB is one of many suppliers that we have very good cooperation with and who are competent, committed and very driven. Our collaboration with Aimo Park AB is very rewarding and together we have done our utmost to ensure that the campuses are developed with sustainable and effective Campus environments and other important ingredients that are required in order to create a living campus environment."

About St. Per Gallerian

St. Per Gallerian is a shopping centre located right in the heart of Uppsala city centre. It offers a wide range of restaurants, services and shopping. There are many reasons to visit St. Per Gallerian. So next time you need a haircut, a hearty meal, to visit a pharmacy or to find the latest fashion, you know where to go. Take a look at what’s on offer at
About our partnership with Aimo Park
 "Our experience with Aimo Park has been that they always do their part, both for us as contracting partner and for our shared customers. Their employees at the car park are always really friendly and we very rarely have any problems at all ... and even when we do, they always work hard to solve things smoothly and quickly."

About Östersundshem

Östersundshem is a municipal housing company with around 3,800 apartments and 420 buildings. With visionary buildings of various tenure types and a high level of resource utilisation, Östersundshem is helping to make the region’s growth objectives a reality. Take a look for yourself at
About our partnership with Aimo Park
"Here at Östersundshem, we are very pleased to be continuing our wonderful partnership with Aimo Park AB following a new procurement process for the monitoring of parking facilities. Östersundshem also chose to immediately make call-off orders for parts of the option in the procurement contract with regards to the rental of parking spaces and garages. We made this choice because we consider that Aimo Park AB has the right experience and resources for such an undertaking."