Partnering with Aimo Park

In Sweden, Aimo Park maintains over 300 garages or multi-storey car parks. This makes us the greatest parking facility manager in Sweden.

With Aimo Park as a partner, property owners, businesses, municipalities and housing companies can spend more time on their core activities and less time on parking.

Aimo Park works to:

Implement the latest technology for payments and for carpark entry/exit.
Improve security in garages and multi-storey carparks with video surveillance.
Provide support through a staffed Customer Service and Technical Customer Support.
Carry out evaluations in order to complement and clarify existing signage.
Optimise parking areas.
Take care of all administration relating to the rental of parking spaces.
Monitor parking facilities in order to ensure that all laws and regulations are followed.
Carry out maintenance of parking facilities.
Investigate parking opportunities in connection with new building and the shared usage of parking spaces.
Manage parking facilities that constitute separate property.
Make energy savings.

Aimo Park has its own staff for all services. Aimo Park often invests in the parking facilities. This might be in the form of painting, monitoring, lighting improvements, the installation of gates and in certain cases also the installation of video surveillance. We ensure that the space available is used effectively, that all operations are conducted professionally and that parking becomes a positive experience for our joint customers.

Would you like to receive a cooperation proposal? Contact us, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.