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Paying with mobile phone

Paying with mobile phone


Our MobilPark app can be used to find and pay for parking, easily and hassle-free. In MobilPark we have combined everything you need to make parking easy. With the app, as customer, you do not need to look for parking meters. Nor do you need to worry about overstaying your parking session as you will get a reminder 15 minutes before your time runs out. Once you are parked, you can pay quickly and easily with a single tap. You can register your payment card directly with the app so there are no extra costs or invoices. Receipts are stored in the app and also sent by e-mail.
Install the app
• Download the app via Google Play or App Store.
• Follow the instructions to create an account.
• Add your registration number and payment card. It is possible to save several cars and payment cards in the same account.
• Now you are ready to start parking.
• You can even extend or cut short your parking session in advance.
• When you are ready to leave the carpark, a receipt will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided. You can also view your receipt directly in the app.
Frequently asked questions and answers

SMS Park

In collaboration with Inteleon, you can pay for your parking directly through your mobile, either via SMS or in their app.
Start your parking session via SMS

• In order to start your parking session via SMS, send zone code [space] registration number [space] civic registration number to 0700 – 40 40 40.
• You will receive a reply confirming where you started your parking session and what vehicle you have parked.
• To end your parking session, text "END" to the same number.
Example: 9999 ABC123 YYMMDDXXXX
Start a parking session via the SMS Park app

• Download SMS Park via App Store, Google Play or Windows Store.
• Create an account using your civic registration number* and your telephone number.
• Enter your registration number and type in the zone code for the carpark you are going to park in, then scroll the wheel to select a preliminary end time.
• You can then choose to end your parking session early or to extend it, and you will be able to find a receipt for your parking session in your e-mails and at My Pages. If you do not end or extend your parking session, then it will end at the preliminary end time you selected initially.
*If you do not have a Swedish civic registration number or if your identity is protected, you can select "non-Swedish citizen?" when you create your account and you will then have the option to use your email address and phone number instead. If your identity is protected, you can call up customer service at SMS Park for help in creating an account.

Pay via SMS Park

With SMS Park, you have the option to receive a monthly invoice for all of your parking sessions in the previous month. Although there are several different payment options available overall.

Choose between:

• Paper invoice (SEK 25)*
• Connect your payment card**
• E-mail invoice
• SMS invoice
*Paper invoices are selected as default for new customers, but you can quickly and easily change this by logging in to My Pages.
**If you do not have a Swedish civic registration number you are only able to select payment card as your payment option. The same applies if you have a protected identity, unless you get help from customer services at SMS Park to set up your account.