About Aimo Park Sweden

Aimo Park aims to be the preferred and most recommended parking partner in Sweden. We provide quality on all levels of the business, with easy to access and navigate parking facilities and skilled expertise staff. 


Business Concept

Aimo Park aims to be the preferred and most recommended parking partner at strategic locations in Europe, based on functional quality, operational excellence, customer satisfaction and sustainable financial performance.

Management Team

Aimo Parks management team is actively engaged in the overall structure of the company and ensure a prosperous future development.

Service Departments

Aimo Park operates seven service departments, taking care of everything from technical maintenance to supporting or customers. 

Quality according to Aimo Park

Aimo Park delivers quality, based on the pillars of convenience, reliability and hospitality.

Aimo Park in Sweden

Aimo Park is the leading parking business in Sweden, with approximately 300 000 parking spaces divided on 1 600 parking facilities across the country. 

Contact Us

Do you have any questions or is there anything can we help you with? We have skilled staff working accross the country. Please contact us, we are delighted to help you