Order Parking Permits

Aimo Park monitors both private property and public street zones. In cases where we monitor public street zones, this is on behalf of the local municipality.   

Public street zones

Parking in a public street zone in most cases means that your car is left in one of the municipality’s streets. The following places count as public street zones:

public places
publicly owned land
generally, all streets and public squares. 
Alternate-side parking applies in public street zones. Alternate-side parking means that parking is prohibited on the side of the street with: 

Even house numbers on even dates.
Odd house numbers on odd dates.

Private land

Parking on private land means, for example, that you park on land owned by a property owner or at a parking facility. The following places count as private land:

privately owned property
privately owned land
multi-storey car parks
parking garages
generally demarcated parking areas.
Entrances to private land will be signposted with a sign that provides information about the business owner, for example: Aimo Park AB 0771-96 90 00 if it is Aimo Park that is responsible for monitoring the area.

Behöver du parkeringstillstånd?

När Aimo Park bevakar din parkeringsanläggning kan du ge dina parkeringsgäster parkeringstillstånd. 

Läs mer om våra parkeringstillstånd i Stockholm , parkeringstillstånd i övriga Sverige och tillfälliga parkeringstillstånd.


Beställa parkeringstillstånd för Stockholm

Beställa parkeringstillstånd for övriga Sverige

Beställa tillfälliga parkeringstillstånd

(Du måste beställa minst tjugofyra (24) tillfälliga parkeringstillstånd.)


Frågor om parkeringstillstånd ställer du till vår Kundservice på telefon 0771-96 90 04 eller via mejl till kundservice@aimopark.se.