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Listen to our podcast – The Aimo Park Parking Podcast!

In the podcast we discuss, among other things, why parking fines are issued, why many people think it’s difficult to find a parking space, what it’s like to be a parking attendant and how technical solutions are making it easier for our customers to find and pay for their parking. What does the future hold for Aimo Park? What will happen to all of our parking spaces when so-called "robo-taxis" and self-driving cars are introduced? Listen to our podcast and discover the answers to these questions and to many more as well.
"We are keen to share our useful and helpful tips with all of our listeners, and we’ve chosen to make several short episodes rather than just a few longer ones. This means that you have time to listen an episode as you drive to or from your destination," says Aimo Park CEO Peder Ståhlberg.

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