Aimo Park expands the digital platform

The future holds further expansion of digital solutions – advanced behind the surface, smooth for customers and landlords.  

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Aimo Park has always been a forerunner in the digital development in parking. Aimo Park’s latest development embraces a digital landlord portal, digital parking permits as well as online purchases of season tickets. The much appreciated online booking for short term parking, an imminent success since this summer, is implemented at further parking facilities.  

Our online-booking opens for a market across the Swedish boarders. Car bound tourists can visit Sweden and book their parking in advance. Also, companies and other parking customers can plan their everyday by using this service”, beams Fredrik Hesse, Technical Director of Aimo Park Sweden. “We target an enormous market with digital solutions for short- and longterm parking. It also eases up for special occasions when parking can be tricky to find, such as during concerts, football matches and Christmas shopping”.

Aimo Park Access is another service which favours customers and landlords. By acknowledging the licence registration plate, the system enables entry and exit to parking facilities, as well direct debit for parking fees. 

The concept makes it easy and smooth for everyone”, Fredrik Hesse continues. “A credit or debit card can be connected to the service, should you not wish to pay at the parking facility”. 

Aimo Park also continues the successful implementation of charging points for electric cars. This is work in progress for drivers who chooses green driving. 




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