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Constant development and rewarding results

My journey within the company began back in January 1998 when I took on a weekend job during my maternity leave, as a parking attendant at Autopark, as the company was called back then.  At first I just worked as a parking attendant every third weekend but in the summer of that year I was asked if I wanted to try my hand responding to appeals at the office in Fyrisborg.

In October 1998, I began working full time as an appeals administrator. When the company started a central appeals unit in 2005 and took on more employees, I was made the team leader for the new group. In 2008, the company officially changed its name after we were bought by Aimo Park and in that year the CEO, Peder Ståhlberg, asked me to take on the role of appeals unit manager. Since then, my employees and I have developed the department by creating clear working procedures and making our processes more efficient. This has, in turn, resulted in us starting up a number of new departments over the years. All in order to improve the service we offer to our customers and to support other departments internally. 

Two things are particularly important to me in my work: development and results. I am motivated by seeing results and improving procedures, and by the development of the employees. I also like contributing to the creation of jobs in Uppsala. I am very happy in my role today and I am excited to see what the future holds.