For commonly asked questions regarding parking and Aimo Park, please refer to this compilation. Should you need further assistance, please call our Customer Service at 0771-96 90 00 – we are happy to help.


Aimo Park Easy

  • There are different options for paying your parking fee and these differ slightly from facility to facility. For more specific information see communication on site in the facility or contact our Customer Service.
  • In all the facilities where we have Aimo Park Easy there are posters informing that payment via Aimo Park Easy is active in the facility. On our website you can find a list of all the facilities where this service is available here.

  • You can register a card and license plate number for automatic charging here. If you have any problems connecting to the service you are welcome to call our support on phone nr. 0776- 96 90 08 weekdays between 08 am – 20 pm.

  • If you pay via the website you will be shown a list of all the parkings made by the vehicle with the license plate number you have entered. Usually the exact parking time will be registered in this list, but if entry or exit time is missing you are welcome to call our support on phone nr. 0776- 96 90 08 weekdays between 08 am – 20 pm and they can help you check the exact time you were parked in the garage.

  • If you make a payment via our website you can download a receipt when the payment has been verified. If you need a copy of receipt you can fill out this form.

  • • Aimo Park Easy has a so-called Free Flow system, which means that it is a simple parking system without parking discs, barriers and parking tickets. When you enter the car park, your registration number is registered by a camera and your parking starts. When you drive out of the parking lot, the camera reads your license plate again and the parking lot ends.

    • Aimo Park Access has barrier systems and gates that open when vehicles drive towards them.

    Read more about Aimo Park Access here.


Payment methods

  • Private customers who pay with a paper invoice, also pays a fee of 50 SEK. Corporate partners do not pay this fee. Avoid the fee by signing up to one of the following options:



    E-invoicing is a form of electronic billing which is connected to you Internet bank. The E-invoice is an electronic replica of the paper copy, and you approve it in your Internet bank.

    Sign up for E-invoicing via the form in your Internet bank. Aimo Park is listed as one of the companies which provides E-invoicing. Note that it has to be the person registered as Fakturamottagare (invoice recipient) who pays the E-invoice. Should you change bank, you are responsible for setting up a new E-invoicing for Aimo Park at your new bank.


    Direct debit

    Direct debit is a convenient way to pay for bills. After the direct debit is set up, the financial transaction of the invoice is withdrawn from your bank account. You can apply for direct debit by following this procedure:

    • Sign up by giving an electronic approval via your Internet bank. No signature is called for - you identify yourself in conjunction with the log in procedure of the bank.


  • Yes, as a private customer, you can have an e-invoice instead of a paper invoice. Read more about how to sign up for this.


  • In most of our parking facilities, paying by credit or debit card is an option. However, there are a few parking facilities which do not have this payment solution. We accept most credit or debit cards used in Sweden. Our pay and display machines and the parking facilities respective web pages have symbols for the credit or bank card which can be used.  


  • Payment in advance means that you pay for the time you estimate you will park for as soon as you have parked your car. Read more about payment in advance in Aimo Park’s Guide to Parking. 


  • Payment in arrears means that you only pay for the time you park the car. You check in when you arrive at the parking facility and check out and pay when you leave it. Read more about payment in arrear in Aimo Park’s Guide to Parking.


Control Fee

Online Sales

  • You can choose to purchase a parking ticket for short term parking or purchase a season ticket/subscription. If you would like to learn more about which products are available in which facilities, you can search for a facility or product that matches your needs on our site.
  • Visit www.Aimo Park.se and search for a facility that is on situated at the desired location, or a product that fits your needs. Once you have made your choice, you can complete your purchase and fill in your personal data in four easy steps.
  • If you have purchased a parking ticket as a visitor, you can cancel your purchase at any time up to 24 hours before your prepaid parking time starts. The cancellation is free of charge and could be done through Aimo Park website.
  • Yes, all parking charges of products available to purchase online include VAT.
  • If you have received a confirmation that your purchase was completed, you are welcome to park and don’t have to worry about anything else. The parking attendants are able see in their PDAs that you have pre-payed and for how long you are allowed to park. Your parking ticket is connected to the license plate number that you have entered. It is therefore important that the car that you have parked has the same license plate number. 
    If you have purchased a season ticket/subscription, you will get an access device or a permit to the facility of your choice. If a permit is required, this must always be visible through the windshield of the car.

  • You can find a map with our parking facilities on our website. 


  • We appreciate any kind of feedback that can help us to improve our products, service and the overall customer experience. Feel free to call us at 0771-96 90 00 or send us an e-mail to info@aimopark.se to share your views and experiences.
  • You are able to pay with your VISA or MasterCard. Later on, you will also have the option to pay by invoice.
  • We always strive to make the parking experience as smooth and comfortable as possible for our customers. By purchasing online, you can pay easily without having to stand in line to the pay and display machine or waiting on hold to rent parking space.

  • It depends on if you park in a facility with a barrier system (ie bars at the entrance and exit) or park in a facility without. If you park in a facility with a barrier system, you can’t leave the facility and then return. You will end your parking when leaving the facility.
    If you park in the facility without barriers, and have a ticket or a parking permit, you can leave the car park and then return to continue parking within the time frame. This of course requires that there are free parking spaces left when you return.
  • There is no time limit for how close to arrival you can purchase a parking ticket as a visitor. 
    If you on the other hand want to buy a season ticket/get a subscription you will need an access device or a permit before you can start parking. It will take a couple of days before you receive your access device or permit. At Aimo Park's website you can read more about which facilities that require access devices and/or permits.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation on the screen, the purchase has not been completed successfully and the process should be carefully repeated. If you have completed the online process and did not receive booking confirmation by e-mail, please check that the email is not blocked by your server, or classified as spam.
  • Please rest assured that your personal data is safe. Every purchase is completed via SSL protocol.
  • We always strive to make the parking experience as smooth and comfortable as possible for our customers. By purchasing online, you can pay easily without having to stand in line to the pay and display machine or waiting on hold to rent parking space.

  • If you park as a visitor in a facility with a barrier system or a License Plate Recognition system (LPRS) you will be charged for the exceeded parking time at the exit. In a facility with a barrier system you are able to pay by card at the exit and in a facility with a LPRS system we will charge the credit or debit card you have connected.
    If you park as a visitor in a facility without barriers and you exceed the parking time you purchased, you could receive a control fee


  • A receipt is sent after completing the purchase to the e-mail address you entered.

my account

  • My account is like my pages, where you can see your subscriptions, invoices, short-term bookings and receipts. If you rent a parking spot, you must contact our customer service to obtain a temporary password in order to activate your account.
  • Go to "MyVehicles" and add the cars you switch between. Then go to "Order history" and "MySeasonTickets" Press "Change license plate / more details" and select the license plate number to park. Read more here.

Read more about parking

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