Terms and Conditions MobilPark

Term and conditions 

The following terms and conditions regulate the relationship between Aimo Park Sweden AB, 556553-5548 ("Aimo Park ") and the vehicle driver (the "Customer") regarding the payment of parking fees for parking in the parking facilities provided by Aimo Park via the mobile application MobilPark (the "Service").

Aimo Park enables the Customer to pay parking fees, purchase parking products (so-called advance purchases), additional services, navigation services (directs the Customer to nearby parking spaces) and other functions via the Service. Aimo Park can extend promotional offers to the Customer via the Service.

The Service can only be used in the parking facilities that are indicated by the Service after login or by signage in the parking area. "Customer" refers to both legal and natural persons. By applying for registration via the Service, the Customer acknowledges, accepts and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions and to be charged according to the fees stated in the Service for where the Customer choses to park.


§ 1 Connection to the Service

1.1. The Customer shall provide the requested information (such as personal data, e-mail address, registration number) when registering to the Service. The Customer shall register a bank or credit card accepted by Aimo Park for payment of the parking fee. The registration of the Customer's payment card is done via a secure and certified payment solution.

1.2 It is the Customer's responsibility that user information and vehicle registration numbers are always registered.

1.3 The Service can only be used in parking spaces that are subject only to a fee and no other qualifying conditions need to be fulfilled i.e. for unreserved parking spaces. Reserved spaces, spaces requiring permits, etc. are not covered by payment via the Service unless otherwise stated by the Service and by signage in the parking area.


§ 2 Customer's obligations

2.1. The Customer undertakes to park in accordance with Aimo Park's directions and the signage in the parking facility. The Customer shall use the Service to park one (1) vehicle per parking session / pre-paid ticket and in accordance with any markings at signed parking spaces. Only one (1) vehicle per parking space may be parked.

2.2. The Customer is obliged to take note of and comply with all provisions, signage and regulations that apply at any time for the relevant parking facility. Payment of a fee does not in itself give rise to an automatic right to park a passenger car.

2.3. The Customer is obliged to pay parking fees with other payment methods if the Service is unavailable for any reason.

2.4. It is the Customer's responsibility that parking is initiated and completed correctly. Furthermore, it is the Customer's responsibility that parking is initiated with the correct registration number and zone code. When using the Service, the Customer shall verify that parking has been initiated by making sure that a confirmation has been obtained.

2.5. Aimo Park reserves the right to immediately close a user account if the Customer does not pay on time/there is insufficient coverage on the specified payment card. Aimo Park reserves the right to charge interest and fees in accordance with law in the event of late payment.

2.6. Some services require that the Customer has enabled and granted permissions to the "location services/push notifications" functions or other technical solutions on their mobile phone.


§ 3 Parking fee

3.1 Using the Service, the Customer can initiate parking, specify a preliminary parking period, predetermined end time and extend or end the above. The size of the parking fee depends on the parking facility selected and the duration selected. Where applicable, the Service will display the fee for the purchase of parking products (e.g. advance purchase of 30-day tickets) when the desired product is selected.

3.2 Payment is made by charging the Customer's registered bank or credit card. The Customer selects and approves the payment method in connection with the registration application, see section 1.1.


§ 4 Contract period and termination

4.1 The right to use the Service is valid during the contract period as long as the Customer has an active account and fulfils their obligations. The Customer can at any time log in and cancel the Service or deregister a registered vehicle provided that there are no unpaid fees.  


§ 5 Limitation of Aimo Park's liability

5.1 Aimo Park is not liable for the Customer's damage if a technical function does not work, such as a payment function that specifies what the parking fee should amount to as stated in section 3, mobile phone operator or navigation service that direct the Customer to a parking space. Aimo Park is also not liable for damages that have arisen as a result of vandalism, break-in or because the Customer has parked his vehicle in violation of laws or regulations. Aimo Park is also not liable for indirect damages, loss of profit or consequential damages.


§ 6 Personal data

6.1 Aimo Park intends to process information relating to the Customer such as name, personal identity number, address, telephone number, etc. in order to fulfil its obligations under this agreement, such as the provision of services, administration, customer service and billing. Payment/credit card information will be forwarded to an external payment service so that payments can be processed.

6.2 The Customer is entitled to request that incorrect information concerning the Customer is corrected, limited and, where applicable, deleted. The Customer is also entitled to data portability, to receive information about the customer data once a year free of charge and the opportunity to submit complaints to The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY). Information regarding the handling of personal data can be found at www.aimopark.se under "privacy policy".


§ 7 Miscellaneous

7.1. By using the Service, the Customer does not acquire any copyright or intellectual property rights to the services or other content that can be accessed. The Customer does not have the right to copy, link to or otherwise dispose of content belonging to Aimo Park.

7.2 Disputes arising from this agreement shall be settled by a general court in accordance with Swedish law.

7.3 Aimo Park can be contacted on the telephone number 0771- 96 90 07 or the email address digitalaprodukter@aimopark.se. Aimo Park's website can be found at www.aimopark.se.


§ 8. Force majeure

8.1 Aimo Park exempts itself from the obligation to fulfil its part of the agreement and from the obligation to pay damages if commitments cannot be fulfilled at all or only at abnormally high cost due to Swedish or foreign legal enactment, Swedish or foreign government measures (e.g. fuel restrictions), acts of war, terrorist actions, fire, explosion, strike, traffic disruption, blockade, boycott, lockout or other similar circumstances. The exemption regarding strike, blockade, boycott and lockout applies even if Aimo Park itself is the subject of or takes such conflict actions.