Aimo Park Easy

A simple and flexible parking system with automatic registration at the entrance and exit.

Have you visited one of our facilities of want to register an account?


Click one of the facilities down below to pay for your parking of register an account:


Mörby Centrum - Danderyd

CK-garaget - Skellefteå

Farsta Centrum - Farsta

Igor - Västerås


This is how it works.

  • When you enter the parking, our cameras will read your license plate number and start a parking session.
  • When you are done parking and exit the parking, it will be automatically terminated.


Easy payment.




  • In the pay and display machine at the parking garage
  • Online within 48 horus after exit
  • Register automatic payment through a debit card

If you do not choose any of these payment methods, we will send you an invoice with an additional billing fee.


See our short film about how the parking system Easy works here.


  What is the difference between Aimo Park Easy and Aimo Park Access?

 Parkings with Aimo Park Easy is a totally free of barriers and gate while Aimo Park Access has a barrier system and there are gates that open up as soon as a vehicle drives closer to thema.
 We are currently using different systems within Aimo Park Easy and Aimo Park Access, which means you as a customer have to register and pay through different services depending on which facility you have been parked at.